Shipping / Returns

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is delivered between 3-5 days.

Processing may take up to 2-7 business days before actually shipping out.

Standard shipping is processed by the weight of the package.


Rush Handling

Rush handling is Standard shipping with a Delivery time of 3-5 Business days.

Processing time of 1-2 business days.

some orders processing time may take up to 10 days

Rush Handling is $7.00


USPS Priority

USPS Priority shipping is Delivered within 1-3 Business days

Processing time depends on the item but may take up to 1-2 business days

USPS Priority is $12.00

Free Shipping Promotion

Orders must equal or exceed the $40 amount for standard shipping only unless promoted otherwise.


International shipping varies from the amount of Products. Shipping is Calculated through USPS mailing.

There is no free shipping for international.

First class Shipping takes from 7-21 days

Priority shipping takes up to 3-5 Business days

Processing is 1-2 days.


All Processing is not the same. Some orders take longer to processes than others. Most processing should take is 10 days. if you do not receive a tracking number after the 10th day a refunded is allowed.


For pick up orders processing may take up to 1 business day 



Returns are not allowed. Once the order has been shipped it is the responsibility of the carriers. Please contact USPS for the whereabouts of your order and for further assistance. 
Refunds are not allowed unless stated other wise or an order has been damaged/ not correct on our end. 
cancellations are only allowed up to 24 hours after purchase.