Booking policy


All appointments must be booked 24 hrs in advance. 
same day appointments will result in a $30 fee that doesn’t go towards your booking. 
All appointments require a $30 deposit that goes towards your service. Bookings of 2 require a 30% deposit and bookings of 3 or more require 50% deposit. Cash app ($kcglamshops) 
During the week day Any bookings outside the time frame of 10am-6pm will have to pay a $30 service fee. If you request to book on Blocked off days there will be a $30 fee unless stated otherwise.

deposits are non refundable and non transferable (you may not use deposits in exchange for product)

if you are 10 minutes late there will be a $15 late fee. 
15 minutes late will result in a cancellation. 
unless stated other wise( extra fees will apply)

All appointments must provide a correct contact. If you are not accessible within 1 hour of your scheduled appointment  it will be canceled. 

Address will be sent once deposit has been sent. 
if the deposit has not been sent and you have booked an appointment your appointment will be canceled within 24 hours.
no extra people

if you would like to reschedule you are only allowed 30 days from your appointment to use the same deposit 

you may only reschedule once on the same deposit 


same day appointments will have an hour to send their deposit before the appointment is canceled.